Making The Most Of Post-Hospital Care For Your Elderly Loved One

Posted by Machelle Thompson on Jun 23, 2015 8:54:00 AM

making-the-most-of-post-hospital-careComing home from an extended stay in the hospital has the potential to be either a relief or a stressful experience. After a significant illness or injury, it is sometimes difficult for a person returning from the hospital to manage the elements of post-hospital care on their own.

Aging seniors have an especially difficult time transitioning from a hospital discharge if they have already faced challenges involving day-to-day living before they became ill or suffered an injury. If your loved one is in need of post-hospital care, a caregiver is a beneficial resource able to assist with every aspect of senior home care.

Whether your senior requires immediate home care or you are planning for home care assistance in the event of an emergency, learning more about what to do after a hospital discharge is a beneficial first step towards providing your loved one with the care they need.

What Is Post-Hospital Care?

While in-home care is often the best option for many aging seniors, there are a number of options for post-hospital care. The term post-hospital care may refer to medical, nursing, therapy and other related health services provided immediately after a hospital stay.

In-home caregivers ensure your loved one receives the medical services that aid in their continued recovery from illness, recovery from injury or management of a chronic condition.

Post-Hospital Care And Managing Illness And Injury

If your loved one received care for a severe injury or series of illnesses while in the hospital, post-hospital care may be necessary to ensure they are able to manage the elements of their continued treatment. Advanced discharge planning will promote a smooth and successful transition home, and reduce the chances of returning to the hospital unnecessarily.

After a hospital discharge, a professional caregiver is able to assist your loved one with the following essential aspects of care:

  • Taking medication
  • Moving around the home
  • Driving to medical appointments
  • Restock groceries and supplies
  • Assist with therapy programs
  • Arrange for necessary appointments and services
  • Meal Preparation
  • Laundry and household upkeep
  • Ensure working condition of all appliances
  • Restart mail, subscriptions, and phone services

A senior home care provider is also able to manage a variety of other services in addition to critical aspects of care to make day-to-day living easier for your loved one.

How To Set Up Post-Hospital Care

While your loved one is in the hospital, it is advisable that they speak with their physician and other members of their healthcare team regarding their hospital discharge.

Social workers are a valuable resource because they are able to help patients develop a safe plan for their discharge. Social workers help you and your family understand your loved one’s specific needs and what services they require.

While social workers frequently give referrals for home care assistance, it is also beneficial to speak with a geriatric care manager who specializes in senior home care. With the help of these two individuals, you are able to find an appropriate caregiver for your loved one.

In order to provide your loved one with the assistance they require, it is advisable to learn more about senior home care. Choosing the appropriate caregiver may seem like a challenging decision, but a geriatric care manager is able to offer guidance.

There are a number of variables that may influence the type of home care assistance you choose for your loved one. Learn more about planning for the unexpected and taking charge of your aging senior’s future.

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