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Transitional Care Vs. Respite Care After A Hospital Discharge

After your aging loved one has gone through surgery or returns from a hospital stay due to illness, they may require more care and attention than you are used to providing. However, a long-term care plan may not be necessary if their condition is expected to improve soon.

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5 Tips For Talking To Your Elderly Loved One About Hoarding Cleanup

If not properly addressed, hoarding poses a significant risk to seniors who are unable to come to terms with this life-threatening issue. In the event of a fire, many elderly adults are not rescued in time by firemen due to excessive clutter. It is also not uncommon for floors to collapse under the weight of hoarding debris. ...
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How To Support Your Loved One When They Require Hospice Care

While family members of aging seniors sometimes prefer not to think about hospice care and their loved one’s end of life, this elderly care service should be considered a way to keep your loved one comfortable during this difficult time. Hospice support providers help you and your senior focus on what your senior is still able to do despite trying circumstances. ...
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5 Ways To Help An Aging Parent During Surgery Recovery

Recovering from surgery requires extra time and care for patients of all ages, but aging seniors must be especially sure to follow a care plan. You and your family may be accustomed to providing care for your loved one. However, many elements of surgery recovery require specialized attention.

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Your Senior’s Long-Term Care Options: Comparing Elderly Care Services

Choosing the right long-term care option for your senior is a critical component of developing a plan for aging. It is advisable to consider your senior’s financial situation, healthcare needs and desired lifestyle when selecting an elder care option.

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How To Choose A Long-Term Care Attorney, POA And Financial Advisor

The success of your loved one’s elder care plan depends on creating legal and financial relationships that serve as part of a comprehensive support network. No matter which type of geriatric care service you and your senior decide upon, you should choose an attorney to assist with estate planning, a healthcare Power Of Attorney and a financial advisor.

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Understanding Your Loved One’s Wishes When Planning For Long-Term Care

In order to ensure your aging loved one’s long-term care plan is carried out with as little disruption as possible, it is important to make certain preparations before you both transition to a new senior care service.

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Assisted Living Vs. Home Care: What’s The Difference?

Assisting your loved one in creating a long-term plan for their care is one meaningful way of showing your loved one support. With a multitude of long-term care options available, you want to ensure you choose the plan that best fits your senior’s health needs and lifestyle.

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6 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease And How To Plan Ahead

Providing comprehensive dementia care to a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease is a full-time job. Unfortunately, not every family is able to be present for their senior’s at-home care due to career reasons, small children and other commitments.

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Making The Most Of Post-Hospital Care For Your Elderly Loved One

Coming home from an extended stay in the hospital has the potential to be either a relief or a stressful experience. After a significant illness or injury, it is sometimes difficult for a person returning from the hospital to manage the elements of post-hospital care on their own.

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