Starting The Conversation

How Do I Talk To Someone About Seeking In-Home Elder Care?

As your family members, friends or neighbors age, the necessity for in-home elder care might become apparent to you before they are willing to admit their need. Many times, you want to help an aging senior but don’t know how to bring it up. Nor do you want to overstep your boundaries or seem confrontational.

But starting the conversation about senior in-home care is a courageous first step.

Here are just a few ideas on how to get the discussion started:

  • Relay your own experiences working with an in-home caregiver for your friend or aging loved one
  • Ask if they’d appreciate a little help around the house, even just on an occasional or part-time basis
  • Encourage them or their loved ones to take the Keen Home Care Challenge as an objective assessment
  • Suggest a free in-home care assessment from a geriatric care manager for a professional opinion and future recommendations
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For many seniors, admitting to needing or being forced to receive in-home help is traumatizing, and at Keen Home Care, we are sensitive to those realities by keeping conversations casual.

Our geriatric care managers strive to establish comfort with your loved one by bringing a fresh-baked pie along for every home tour. Our intention is always to be discreet so your loved one or neighbor doesn't feel threatened when they are being assessed.

Ready to start the in-home care conversation with your loved one or neighbor?

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