Long-Term Care Services

What Level Of Service Does My Loved One Need?

Your loved one doesn’t deserve a one-size-fits-all approach to their health
and well-being, and the same goes for the long-term care they receive at home.
At Keen Home Care, we want your loved one to receive only long-term care
that’s personalized to their needs, environment and preferences.

Use the questions and links below to determine what services are the best fit for your loved one – or, if you’d prefer,
schedule an in-home care assessment with a geriatric care manager for  personalized recommendations for your loved one .

Take The Keen Home Care Challenge: Which Senior Care Services Does My Loved One  Need?Assess My Loved One's Needs

Does your loved one need emergency home care?

Call 877-852-2737 any time, day or night, if your aging loved one needs immediate assistance. 
Learn more about the Keen CareNOW program for your loved one’s urgent home care needs.

Is your loved one relocating or transitioning to a new home?

Transitions can be difficult for elderly loved ones, especially if they need extra care. 
Explore Keen Home Care’s senior relocation services
 to streamline your loved one’s transition to a new home.

Does your loved one require special care for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

If your loved one exhibits major signs or symptoms of memory loss, they need care from a team of experts highly experienced in dementia care. Discover the options for Alzheimer’s and dementia care offered by Keen Home Care.

Does your loved one need help with compulsive hoarding or home restoration?

Disposophobia – or compulsive hoarding – endangers your loved one’s health and happiness
and should be dealt with in a respectful and compassionate manner. 
Learn more about Keen Home Care’s hoarding clean up and home restoration services.

Is your loved one currently on comfort or hospice care?

In this difficult time, your loved one deserves to be as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.
With hospice support care, your loved one and your family will have enhanced peace of mind during this stressful time.

Do you or your loved one need further direction on legal or financial services?

Coordinating your aging loved one’s limited resources cost-effectively requires the right connections.
Find an expert referral to meet your loved one’s legal or financial needs with a professional connection from Keen Home Care.

Does your loved one simply need just a little more attention and care at home?

Sometimes all your loved one needs to stay cozy and comfortable
at home is an in-home caregiver – whether temporary or full-time.
Learn more about the in-home care services offered by Keen Home Care.

Still not sure which long-term care services are best for your aging loved one?

Click below to arrange for a free in-home care assessment
by a geriatric care manager from Keen Home Care.

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