Our Senior Care Plan Process

How We Care For Your Loved One From Day One

Your aging loved one deserves personalized and compassionate care,
not just a mass-produced or formulaic approach.

That’s why the Keen Home Care process is so careful and comprehensive –
to better ensure your aging loved one’s health, happiness and comfort.

Here is just a brief outline of how our senior care plan process works:

Step 1: A Thorough In-Home Care Assessment

The at-home care process always begins in your loved one’s home. A geriatric care manager from Keen Home Care meets you and your loved one and conducts a comprehensive assessment of their needs, preferences and current status .

We build upon the assessment results with input from you, your family and your loved one’s primary care physician or other medical professionals. These insights are critical to developing a flexible and future-oriented care plan.

Step 2: Setting A Vision For Long-Term Care

After the assessment is complete, the geriatric care manager co-creates a Keen Care Vision plan with you and your family. This long-term care plan ensures your loved one always receives the appropriate level of care to match their changing needs and financial situation.

As at-home care continues, your geriatric care manager updates the Keen Care Vision plan on a routine basis to reflect your loved one’s evolving needs and challenges. At all times, the geriatric care manager is available for your questions and concerns.

Step 3: Finding The Right Caregiver

Once your family decides on at-home senior care from Keen, we get to work on matching your loved one with the right in-home caregiver. The Keen CareFit program invites you to fill out a questionnaire about your loved one’s habits and preferences for a more precise match.

Once you've started working with a caregiver, you and your loved one are encouraged to request an alternative caregiver if you are uncomfortable, or feel a change is desired for any reason.

Step 4: Staying Connected To The Family

You may not always be available to care for your loved one, but we understand how important it is that you keep in touch with the ones you love – especially so you know they’re being cared for properly.

The Keen Family Connection ensures you’re in communication with your loved one at the rhythm that’s most convenient and comfortable for both of you, including:

  • Daily or weekly webcam chats with your loved one
  • Regular phone call, text or email updates on your loved one’s status
  • Daily online entries from your loved one's caregiver

Step 5: Continued Confidence In Your Caregiver

It’s natural to worry about elder abuse, neglect or theft when it comes to your loved one’s in-home caregiver. But with Keen Care Confidence Checks, you’re able to put those worries to rest. These checks include unannounced visits, a confidential caregiver scorecard and a confidential feedback hotline.

Keen Care Confidence Checks add another layer of accountability to keep your loved one safe from abuse of any kind. Keen Home Care provides elder abuse prevention training to all caregivers and performs Department of Justice background checks and reference checks prior to hiring.

Step 6: Extended Support For The Whole Family

When your loved one is making the transition to in-home care, it’s a difficult process for your whole family. With the Family-To-Family Support Network from Keen Home Care, you are no longer alone when faced with the logistical and emotional challenges of caring for an aging senior.

This invite-only network lets families like yours exchange stories and support each other during the in-home care process. Sign up for the Support Network coming soon!


Now that you understand our entire senior care plan process, it’s time to take the next step.
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