Senior Relocation Services

Make Your Loved One Feel At Home

No matter the cause, senior relocation is always a difficult time of change and upheaval.

While your aging loved one wants to stay in their own home as long as possible, the time may come when it’s no longer feasible due to medical, functional or financial reasons.

In the midst of your loved one’s move, you need a guide who helps you navigate trouble areas and find the best new home for your elderly loved one. At Keen Home Care, our senior transition services help you locate a new environment that makes your loved one feel right at home.

Our senior relocation services include:

  • Assessment to determine senior's needs, desires and affordability of a new home environment
  • Research local facilities for the best fit based on your loved ones's assessment
  • Partner with family and new facility to complete required paperwork
  • Assist senior to visit facilities, as needed for their evaluation of a good fit
  • Partner with the new facility staff as needed to ensure a smooth transition
  • Assist the senior as needed to downsize belongings, transfer belongings, and set-up new environment

No matter whether your loved one’s transition is large or small, Keen Home Care ensures it’s as smooth as possible so they never feel like they’ve left home.

Not sure which relocation services are right for your aging loved one?

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